Josephine E. Petralba |
IEEE Publication

What is Wordnetport?

WordNetPort is an Extracted Content From Wordnet For Natural Language Processing And Word Games.

Project Description

WordNet which is available online and in desktop application, is an English dictionary where the synonym sets of a group of words are linked by means of several semantic relations such as hyponymy, meronymy and entailment, among others. The main objective of this paper is to provide the Natural Language Processing (NLP) researchers and Word Game developers with a database such that WordNet content are accessed using simple Structured Query Language (SQL) queries. A distribution copy of Wordnet 3.0 database was downloaded, and loaded into a mySQL database. It was then migrated to Oracle where the database processing to accomplish the objectives of this project was performed. There are 7 tables, 32 materialized views and 4 stored functions constructed. Most objects are created with reference to the WordNet dictionary displays, where the aim was to come-up with simple SQLs such that the output of a particular SQL is similar to what is displayed online. It is at the online display that an NLP researcher will initially investigate what Wordnet content he/she needs. Queries to extract content for some Word Games such as Hangaroo™ and Batang Henyo™ (Genius Child) exemplify the use of this project for Word Games. For Oracle users, distribution copies are made available as a collection of Data Definition Language (DDL) such that its execution is initiated by a batch file. Non-Oracle users are provided with Excel spreadsheets, Comma Separated Values (CSV) and eXtended Markup Language (XML) files that they can import or load.